advanced Facial rejuvenation technician

Student will learn various techniques to actually rejuvenate the skin to look fresher and healthier.

Course content

  • Certified  Microderm PhotoFacial training course includes Microdermabrasion and  skin  treatment with High-Frequency and Radio-Frequency Technologies. Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment for a variety of skin  conditions. Students will learn skin profiling and controlled exfoliation in order to reduce pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.  Treatment of acne lesions will be discussed. The subjects that will be covered focus on the practical aspects of performing microdermabrasion, anatomy and physiology of the skin,   pore cleaning and extraction, deep cleansing, facial ozone-enriched  steaming, toning, moisturizing, skin health tips, and safety issues.  Students will be able to operate an advanced nudermfix multifunctioal  skin care unit   to perform skin rejuvenation, facial steaming and ozone (O3) therapy,  deep vacuum pore cleansing and extraction, microdermabrasion, high  frequency neon / argon illuminated gas, and radio-frequency for skin  tightening. Microderm PhotoFacial  Technician course will cover microdermabrasion and skin  treatment with  high-frequency and radio-frequency technologies. 


Argon / Neon Gas Electrod High Frequency Therapy

  • High frequency skin  care technology is widely recognized and used by spa and salon  professionals throughout the world due to its simplicity of use and  overall effectiveness. It is used for a safe, gentle, non-invasive means  to achieve acne clarification and/or skin rejuvenation. Through the  application of holistic oscillating electrical current, high frequency  facial machines have been show to improve acne, soften fine lines,  improve the appearance of puffy eyes, tighten and tone sagging skin and  even promote healthier hair growth by rejuvenating the condition of the  scalp and improving the blood circulation of the skin. Students will  gain theory and practical knowledge of using the technology of High  Frequency to effectively improve the client’s skin condition. 


Course outline

  • Review on the Anatomy and physiology of human skin
    Fundamentals of skin care
    Deep Cleansing and Pore extraction
    Ozone Steaming therapy
    Equipment maintenance
    Post treatment care
    High-Frequency Neon / Argon Gas-light Skin Treatment
    RadioFrequency treatmet for Skin tightening

Vitamin transdermal infusion by ion-galvanic system