Lipo Dissolve Mesotherapy Certificate Course


Micro injections of approved medications

  • This  theory and hands-on training / workshop will introduce the history and  various uses currently being offered with Mesotherapy, Lipotherapy and  Lipodissolve, different methods of weight loss and the difference  between them. We will present, mechanism of action, contraindications,  precautions, pain management, patient selection and teaching, including  the challenges the practitioner will encounter as well as explore fact  and fiction regarding treatment outcomes. We will identify applications  for cellulite reduction, weight loss, body and facial sculpting of fat,  face and neck rejuvenation and pain management. We will discuss  cocktails of FDA approved medications, pharmacology and protocols. 


Ultrasonic Cavitation and RadioFrequency Technology

  • Working  with Ultrasonic, Infra-red and Vacuum Cavitation machine to further  reduce the localized stubborn fat will also be covered. Attendees will  have the opportunity to work on live subject models on both aspects:  High Frequency Ultrasonic Infra-red Vacuum Cavitation system and  Injection of approved products to fat tissue. Different Injection  techniques will be trained and practiced. 


Lipodissolve Mesotherapy

for Cellulite and stubborn fat reduction


Double Chin and excess neck fat removal


it requires 1-3 session to acheive desirable results


Excess fat on the flanks are highly responssive to the treatment

Course Date: Ongoing

Fee: $1250.00