Micro sclerotherapy and vein removal



  • Widely used in Europe for years, sclerotherapy is a  very popular and effective way to eliminate unsightly spider veins and  small varicose veins near the surface of the skin. Over 300,000  sclerotherapy treatments performed in the United States alone every  year. Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and with the  right training, nurses and doctors are capable of offering this service  to their own clientele. Sclerotherapy remains the gold standard of  treatment for spider veins and reticular (blue feeder) veins. Attendees  of our sclerotherapy training course will participate and perform  hands-on procedures. The course materials you receive include written  protocols, medical lists of supplies and solutions needed, along with  detailed illustrations describing the techniques you learn.  All intake  forms, medical questionnaire, and treatment forms are supplied to allow  for a seamless integration to your present services offered.


Course overveiw

  • Attendees will receive thorough instruction in all areas of sclerotherapy and  includes most common injection techniques, medical protocols, and  sclerosing detergents.  Additionally, you will receive a complete  presentation of the latest laser solutions to common vein problems.  Learn how to evaluate the patient from both a medical and an aesthetic  perspective learning how to safely administer sclerotherapy to patients.  Venous anatomy and pathophysiology, techniques, complications,  contraindications, as well as developed standard of care are covered in  detail throughout. There will be Hands-On procedures with patient  demonstrations and small group sizes are common to help facilitate the  learning process. By attending the Sclerotherapy & Laser Solutions techniques you will learn to effectively integrate and safely administer sclerotherapy into  your medical practice, which will benefit patients from both a medical  and cosmetic perspective. Learning to perform sclerotherapy provides an  effective way to help patients, while adding another significant income  to your practice through these cash basis procedures. These procedures  can be conducted by yourself or other trained healthcare professionals  (i.e. nurse, nurse practitioner) within your office setting and allow  for new aesthetic services to offer to your patients.


Outline of the course

  • Anatomy and physiology related to vein abnormalities.
  • Epidemiology, development and classification of venous insufficiency
  • Assess patients to distinguish cosmetic vs. venous disease and ensure safe administration of medication
  • Types of sclerosants, preparation and dilution of sclerosing agents
  • Injection techniques for treatment of spider and reticular veins
  • Managing issues and complications


Training objectives

  • At the end of the certification training, participants will be ready to:
  • - Diagnose most types of abnormal leg veins
  • - Determine which patients can be treated with cosmetic Sclerotherapy and which patients need further medical evaluation
  • - Understand the role of Ultrasound in the leg
  • - Learn properties of different sclerosant agents
  • - Learn how to select the right sclerosant agent for each type of vein
  • - Learn how to dilute sclerosant agents and make foam
  • - Learn how to inject both spider and reticular veins
  • - Select and use compression stockings
  • - Understand the different types of treatment for varicose veins
  • - Set up your office and market your new service
  • - Hands-On instruction on injection technique
  • - Perform injections on training models and actual patients
  • - Learn how to use polarizing light sources and transillumination devices


Micro Injection

  • Injectables,  Electro-Cautery and intense light-based procedures will be thought and discussed during the course and trainees will be familiar with patient selection and providing consultation.


Micro Sclerotherapy

  • This training workshop is also ideal for practitioners that are looking for the easiest and most effective way of treating stubborn persistent superficial capillaries and veins that are not easy to remove by injection or not a candidate for surgery. 

Course Date: By appointment

Fee: $1495.00