Cosmetic platelet-rich plasma (prp) therapy


Course overveiw

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy  is a high demand procedure that mingles advance technology with the  body’s natural capability to heal itself. In this procedure the very own  patient blood is separated into its active serum and platelet parts  that are then mixed with Calcium Chloride and injected into the  wrinkles, folds and  areas that need to be corrected. The  concentrated platelets in PRP contain large amounts of growth factors  and signaling proteins that promote collagen fibrillogenesis and the  repair and regeneration of tissue. Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy is  highly in demand because of its use in treating sports injuries in  professional athletes. However, the benefits from these techniques reach  more patients than just athletes. These same growth factors also have  beneficial cosmetic applications, such as facial and skin rejuvenation.  This workshop is not solely a lecture. Attendees will be required to  administer PRP for live patients in order to earn their Certificate of  Completion. Cosmetic Platelet-rich Plasma workshop presented  by the BC Academy of Medical Spa & Skin Care will teach you about  the Aesthetic procedure commonly used for facial rejuvenation. 

While  PRP has shown to be effective in most bodily areas, our hands on  training will focus on the most popularly requested treatment areas for  aesthetics including: the jawline, face and skin, eyes, and cheek  augmentation. You will learn techniques in skin enhancement that are  easy to integrate into your business, inexpensive to implement, and can  be beneficial to your aesthetic practice. 


PRP course training objectives

By the end of the training process, attendees will:

1. Learn the kinds of wrinkles, tissue damage, aesthetic enhancements, and pain areas that can be improved using the available PRP technology and injection techniques.
2. Understand the various protocols associated with PRP therapy concerning recommended indications, duration, and other tissue augmentation.
3. Acquire the technical skill to perform all the various types of injections.
4. Understand the pros and cons, and when to use PRP therapy.
5. Learn how to properly and effectively present the various options to your patients.
6. Explain likely results and create expectations.


PRP for Scalp Hair Resoration

Platelet  Rich Plasma (PRP) combined with Medical Skin Needling is a great  natural procedure that uses your body’s own plasma to stimulate the hair  follicles encouraging new hair growth. This procedure is effective in  the treatment of Alopecia.

It  involves passing an electronic needle-rolling device over the affected  area. The needles penetrate into the second layer of the skin, where the  hair follicles are pierced creating thousands of miniature skin wounds.  A vial of blood is then drawn from your body and centrifugally spun to  separate the platelets. The Platelet Rich Plasma containing concentrated  amounts of growth factors is then infused directly into the scalp. The  skin remains intact and is not damaged therefore promoting constructive  regeneration. As the skin begins its wound healing process these growth  factors are present in the follicular bulge area, where stem cells are  found. This activates the proliferative phase of the hair cycle,  resulting in new thicker, hair growth.

Course Date: On going